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Our Mission

SSV Concepts provides training for Civilians, Law Enforcement, Military, and Security Personnel to maximize their potential for survival in deadly force encounters. This is accomplished through an aggressive training program that focuses on consistency and realism. Students will learn the practical application of tactics and marksmanship in order to build the life saving skills they seek.



Violence of Action

We offer free, private, and VIP training programs.


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Our Classes

“Practice doesn’t make perfect. Perfect practice makes perfect…”

Upcoming Classes


8/15 Red Dot Pistol

8/16 Pistol I (Women Only)

8/22 Low Light Pistol

8/29-8/30 Pistol II


9/19 Edged Weapons Clinic

Available Classes

These classes aren't scheduled yet, but will be soon. For questions about these classes or scheduling information Contact Us.

Carbine I

Carbine II

Performance Carbine

Self Defense for Women - Level I

Self Defense for Women - Level II

Precision Scoped Rifle

Intro to Competitive Shooting

Training Programs

Do you want free training? Work with us to coordinate your next group training, and your training will be FREE. We are able to provide training at our contracted facilities, or can arrange for instruction at your location.
Private training is provided to small groups, law enforcement departments/swat teams, and corporate retreats.
Free training (limit 1 slot per class) will be provided to victims of violent crimes (assault with injury or weapon, sexual assault, robbery).

About Us

SSV Concepts is owned and operated by a full time Police Officer with over 12 years experience, including 10 years on a metropolitan SWAT team. In that time, Rick participated in training, certification, and operational experience in the following areas : Hostage Rescue, High Risk Search Warrants, Rapelling, Breaching(mechanical/ballistic/explosive), Low Light/No Light Tactics, NVGs, SCUBA, Behavior Analysis/Recognition, Distraction Devices, Dignitary Protection, Less Lethal Munitions, and Force on Force( including Simmunition). Rick is an Iowa Law Enforcement Academy certified Firearms Instructor for patrol rifle, pistol, and shotgun.

Our Team

Experienced professionals prepared to give you the highest quality training.

Rick Largesse

Rick Largesse

Training Director

Shawn Palmer

Shawn Palmer

Precision Scoped Rifle Instructor

Pete Peterson

Pete Peterson

Combatives Instructor

Our firearms instructors are SWAT-trained Law Enforcement Officers with extensive background in the areas of firearms, hand-to-hand combat, and close quarters battle. We look forward to having you in our training courses and providing you with the lifesaving skills that you seek.

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Send an email to our Training Director (Rick@SSVConcepts.com)

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